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Red Seas Under Red Skies: Review

Red Seas under Red Skies Book Cover

Now we get to the fun stuff. Book two in the Gentlemen Bastards Sequence, the book continues the adventures of Locke Lamora and company. If you haven't read the first book, then absolutely go and read that one first (you can read my review for it here). For now though, let's get straight to the meat of the issue.

Red Seas Under Red Skies reads much like Lies does. The beginning hooks you immediately, throwing you straight into the action before jumping back and showing you what leads up to the moment at hand. Honestly, I was going to read another book before moving on to this one, but after reading the first page I decided that I couldn't help myself and had to find out what happened.

Unfortunately, much like Lies, Scott Lynch starts with a slow burn, despite all that's going on you have trouble locking in for a while. Personally, it took me about half of the book before I really got into it and couldn't put it down. Because of this it took me longer than I was anticipating to read the book.

That said, this is still a pretty great book. It's got just about everything. Pirates, con artists, casino heists, pirates, bizarre and awesome sea monsters, romance, witty dialogue. Oh, and did I mention pirates? Because it totally has pirates, and they're pretty awesome. Though, with the pirates comes a somewhat ridiculous amount of nautical terminology, which if you're not reading on an ereader (or don't have a dictionary of nautical terms at hand) can make the seafaring sections a little confusing, though I applaud his efforts for making an authentic reading experience in this aspect.

All in all, Red Seas Under Red Skies is a pretty great book, filled with all maner off action and intrigue that, once you get over the hump (which is still rather good) you'll find it hard to put the book down. If you liked the first book, by all means pick up Red Seas Under Red Skies, you'll absolutely enjoy it.

Rating: 8/10

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