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The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Mass Effect logo, cropped in Photoshop. Well, I've gone and let the blog wither and die in my absence. Let this be a lesson to you, children (who I hope to jebus don't read this tripe), that when a game you've been anticipating since the release of the first game in 2007 is finally released, you should have a few posts ready to go during your absence.

I didn't do this. Instead, I assured myself that I'd be able to take a short break from the game every few days to write up a few posts. No problem! A week or so later, I've read two more books and not a single word written. 

Mass Effect 3 has consumed my life since release, either in multiplayer or in the excellent single-player campaign. This isn't a review, just an excuse. I will write a review when I'm not sitting here wanting to just go back and play the game some more.

So, what we have coming up: two more Sherlock Holmes book reviews (or maybe three if I get back to reading the Adventures of), book two in the Gentlemen Bastards sequence, and a review of Mass Effect 3 (spoiler alert! I like it).

So do no lose hope, gentle readers, the internet ramblings you have come to rely so sorely upon will return soon!