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The Words & Writings of Sean Richmond

Declaration of Intent

This blog, this new thing that I will attempt to mold and nurture in the coming days, is a bit of an experiment. I'm creating this with the intent of using it as a platform to practice my own writing, be it in the form of book, film, or even television reviews. I may even post excerpts from my own fiction writing, either in an attempt to actually figure out how the hell to write a short story, or maybe just little blurbs from my longer form fiction.

Anything that I write here, if someone somehow comes to read it and finds any sort of error (grammatical, factual, or other), or has some sort of critique that they would like to share, this is the place for that without a doubt. I'm posting things here with the hopes that I can improve my own budding abilities, and that won't happen if I don't get some sort of feedback (online or off), even if it's only my wife reading this (which is likely).

This might even become home to random stories that I find interesting, that may or may not pertain to my writing, to writing or books in general, or what have you. I intend to try to keep this all in a somewhat literary/storytelling space, but knowing my own tendency to become wildly off-topic, that probably will not happen.

We'll just have to discover that as we go.