Et Cetera

The Words & Writings of Sean Richmond

  • “The Garden” - Agricultural/Green House district, designed for use as a food and oxygen producing environment and as an “outdoor” park. Like equivalent zones in other space stations, The Garden is universally accepted as a place of almost religious importance, and understood to be off-limits for any activities that could even accidentally cause damage to it. Low security.

  • White Zone: Corporate offices, typically rented out buildings to various corporations that come and go with the fluctuating markets. High security.

  • Green Zone: Diplomatic offices, quarters, and meeting spaces for the many visiting and permanent dignitaries. A city made miniature, and largely insulated from the rest of the station. High security.

  • Grey Zone: Commercial and warehouse district. Medium security.

  • Blue Zone: Residential districts, many of which are either culturally homogenous or faction oriented. Security varies according to affiliation or economic status.

  • Brown Zone: Fuel refineries. Medium security.

  • Orange Zone: Manufacturing and Industry districts. Medium security, though may vary.

  • Star Port: Where everyone enters and exits Hecate Station. Equipped for high traffic, though that need is rare. High security.

  • Starscrapers: Home to the richest of the rich, the star scrapers are series of large buildings jutting up from the flat surface of the station, a city in the void. Maximum security.

  • “The Hub”: Command & Control for the station, controlled by the Essex family. Given the nature of The Will and the freedom it has allowed the various factions on Hecate, the Hub is generally considered as neutral territory. Maximum security.

  • “The Guts”: Oxygen pumps, water recycling, and various other necessary station functions reside here. Medium security.

  • “The Heart”: The primary fusion reactor that provides the lion’s share of the energy that keeps the station running. High security.

  • “The Boneyards”: Area between the innermost and outermost hull, left mostly empty during the original construction and without gravity. In the time since, it has become inhabited by Hecate’s poorest, and is now home to a large percentage of the station’s crime. Population for the Boneyards is unknown. No official security.

  • “The Depths”: The last several levels of the station leading up to and including the pinnacle, absolutely nobody enters the Depths without a death wish. Rumors abound as to what goes on in the Depths, everything from Red AIs inhabiting an army of drones to death cultists. Whatever it is, it’s best to just steer clear. No official security.

  • “No Man’s Land”: Two entire levels that have been left open to space separating the Depths from the rest of the station. Repairs have been made in the past, but it’s never long before the breaches reappear in even greater size. Nobody’s sure who, or what, is causing the breeches, whether it’s whoever is living in the Depths or if it’s people on the other side trying to keep them from coming into the rest of the station. Whatever it is causing it, people seem okay with the existence of No Man’s Land.

  • The Arena: One of the most infamous mecha combat arenas in existence, the Arena is home to some of the best and most vicious mech-jocks alive today. If you’re good and you have the gear, riches are certainly possible. Of course, so is a fiery death. No official security.

  • The Orbital Drop: One of the roughest bars on the station, the Orbital Drop is where most mercenaries, both passing through and local, go for leads and for fights. Security: Dave. You don’t want to fuck with Dave.

  • Comsat: Primary comms array. High security.