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The Words & Writings of Sean Richmond

My name is Sean Richmond, and I'm a writer. 

Well, maybe "aspiring writer" is more accurate in a professional sense, but nonetheless the furthering of that goal is indeed the purpose of this website. Herein I gather my thoughts on the books I'm reading, the games I'm playing, or the shows I'm watching. These blog posts have traditionally been sporadic in their scheduling, and this is something I hope to correct in the near future.

In other spaces on this website you will find other writings by myself in various formats intended for various forms of media. Television, comic, and prose are all on display, showcasing my personal development and a personal quest to find what "fits" for me. Currently, that is comic books.

I've always loved to read, devouring most anything I could get my hands on. It began with Tolkien, and continued with Chris Claremont, Stan Lee, Robert A. Heinlein, and a host of others. I've always loved books and comic books. In experimenting with various forms of writing, I've grown to really enjoy the format of television and movie scripts. Unfortunately, it's not really an industry I want to try to break in to.

Comics, one of my oldest loves, on the other hand, are perfect. Combining the collaborative vision of television and movie scripting with the ability to self-publish and leverage your own product like prose, and we have a winning combination. I'm currently working on several projects in this format, and am searching for artists to work with.

Questions, comments, and whatever else you'd like to talk about, please contact me at the following link. Thanks for stopping by.